Ziggy Marley stands up for Singaporean sentenced to death for cannabis

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The son of the legendary Bob Marley called out Singapore yesterday for planning to send a man to the gallows over a kilogram of cannabis.

A Grammy award-winning superstar and marijuana advocate, Ziggy Marley slammed the government’s critical stance on the plant in response to a Singaporean’s failed appeal against the death penalty two years after he was arrested for bringing in three bundles of weed from Malaysia. Marley yesterday called on companies profiting from the cannabis market to speak out on the matter.

“So the government of #singapore is going to kill a human being for two pounds of cannabis. Is that just or moral? Singapore what are you doing?” the 53-year-old wrote. “The article says the ‘drug’ not the plant, still trying to sell us that line still trying to fool the people still killing the people for a plant. F’ing ridiculous in any time or place it’s 2021.”
“It’s illegal in that country I get it but to kill a person for that should also be #ILLEGAL on the planet #EARTH. No one to stand up for this lone human being,” he added.

Cannabis is listed as a Class A drug in Singapore, along with cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and LSD. Singaporean Police found the drugs on Omar Yacob Bamadhaj, 41, who was arrested at the Woodlands Checkpoint in July 2018 after crossing the border with his father.

Both were in Malaysia to run errands before Omar dropped his father off for a while and met acquaintances at a car wash, where he obtained the weed. He was sentenced to death in February. Last week, judges at the apex court dismissed his appeal as they were satisfied that the case had been examined carefully, according to CNA.

Marley also called on companies commercializing weed to “have a conscience” and speak out about the injustice and call Singapore out for the “despicable act of taking a human life for possessing the plant.”

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