Zhang Guoli starts re-shooting "Legend of Ba Qing"?

7 Nov– Rumours are rife that the reshoot of Fan Bingbing's previously halted period drama, "Legend of Ba Qing" has finally started.

As reported on Epoch Times, the rumours sparked after actress Tong Liya shared a video of her celebrity friends sending her congratulatory wishes for her upcoming stage play. This include the said veteran actor, who could be seen wearing the same costume he wore for his role in the drama when he wished Tong good luck for her performance.

It is speculated that since Zhang had a lot of scenes with Fan and her lead actor Gao Yunxiang in the original, the actor naturally needed to re-shoot his scenes with the new lead actors as well.

However, there is still no news as to who are replacing Fan and Gao, despite previous rumours saying that Tiffany Tang will take over the titular role of Ba Qing.

On the other hand, another rumour has emerged saying that Taiwanese actress Joe Chen will be replacing Fan.

"Legend of Ba Qing" was originally scheduled to be released last year, but had to be shelved following Gao's arrest for suspicion of sexual assault. His case is currently being tried in Australia.

Although it was rumoured that actor Li Chen was replacing Gao in a re-shoot, the whole situation was further made complicated by Fan's subsequent tax evasion scandal in the middle of 2018.

(Photo Source: Sina)