Zendaya just showcased chunky blonde highlights while voting

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It's election season in the US, with A-Listers turning out in their droves to vote. They've also been quick to share their experience on social media, encouraging others to play their part in what looks set to be a pretty historical election.

Our favourite example so far has to be Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (#couplegoals), who shared the same picture of them holding their ballot papers and encouraging followers to #voteearly. Only, In Ryan's post, Blake wasn't wearing any shoes, leading to the realisation that Blake had in fact drawn her shoes on in her version... as you do.

We were also a little bit transfixed by Taylor Swift's impassioned plea on Instagram Stories, urging people to register on 'National Voter Registration Day' last month, mainly because of her very important message... but also because of her curly fringe (we're beauty editors, ok?!)

Well, the latest celebrity to catch our attention mid vote is Euphoria actress Zendaya, who posed with a friend outside the ballot box, throwing a thumbs up to the camera. Good work, Zendaya, but also, have you done something to your hair?

The actress, who often wears her hair in super-long braids, has also dyed it bright red in the past. And let's not forget her recent mid-Emmy hair change (it was like a work of magic).

She captioned her ballot box post: "Just a couple of voters dropping off their ballots," and we couldn't help but notice the chunky streak of blonde running through her hair, just above her ear. As she ran back to the camera, we also noticed what appeared to be much lighter ends...


We'll be stalking Zendaya's instagram until we get a close up of those blonde streaks. But in the meantime, carry on voting, Americans!

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