Zelenskyy warns of new Russian military buildup near Kharkiv

Russia builds up new military grouping just 90 kilometers from Kharkiv
Russia builds up new military grouping just 90 kilometers from Kharkiv

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed concern over Russia assembling a new military group just 90 kilometers from the city of Kharkiv in his May 26 video address to world leaders.

"Russia is the only source of aggression and constantly tries to expand the war,” he said.

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“Right now, these days, we are defending ourselves 60 kilometers northeast from this place from yet another attempt of the Russian assault. Russia is preparing for offensive actions also 90 kilometers northwest from here – they gather another group of troops near our border.”

Zelenskyy warned that Russia's actions clearly indicate a lack of desire for peace in the Kremlin.

"Does Russia want a dialogue? Ukraine has the world’s largest experience of lies from Russia during negotiations… Lies that in particular were Russian cover-ups for preparing this war."

Earlier in the day, he director of Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation Andriy Kovalenko said that Russia’s relentless attacks on Kharkiv was an attempt to bring Kyiv to the negotiating table and freeze the war.

He characterized the enemy's tactics as deliberate genocide, aimed at annihilating the Ukrainian populace and seizing their lands. "The strikes on Kharkiv indicate that they will not stop unless Ukraine sits down at the negotiating table, which would allow Russia to freeze the war, accumulate forces for a new war at the right time, and occupy more of our territories," Kovalenko explained.

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