Zelenskiy: Ukraine will fight for all territory

STORY: “There has to be a complete deoccupation of our entire territory.”

That was the message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Tuesday (June 7).

Adding that Kyiv would not settle for a battlefield stalemate with Russia.

“We have already lost too many people to simply cede our territory.”

Kyiv has previously said that Russian forces now occupy about 20% of Ukrainian territory, including swathes of its east and south.

Ukraine hopes that Western deliveries of longer-range weaponry could help to push Russian troops back.

U.S.-supplied howitzers are already being used on the battlefield.

Ukrainian troops were seen firing the weapons on the frontline in the Donetsk region.

Since being pushed back from capital Kyiv, Moscow has shifted its focus on Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region - made up of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces.

Footage released by Russia’s Emergencies Ministry showed teams clearing minefields in what it said was the Donetsk region.

Reuters could not immediately verify where and when the footage was filmed.

Moscow’s forces were also pushed back from Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv.

But that hasn’t stopped it from coming under attack.

Overnight shelling has damaged homes and business, including a pizza restaurant.

Leaving glass, debris and cardboard takeout boxes scattered on the sidewalk.

Viacheslav Shulga worked at the pizzeria.

“It was closed for three months, since the war started. We did not take the equipment away. We thought we would open again and feed people pizza. But unfortunately, today at 6 a.m. a mine or missile – I don’t know what it was - landed. Everything is destroyed.”

Russia denies targeting civilians in what it calls a “special military operation” to stamp out what it sees as threats to its security.

Ukraine and its Western allies call this a baseless pretext for a war to grab territory.

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