Zelenskiy supports IAEA's call to demilitarize nuclear plant

STORY: IAEA called on Tuesday for fighting to be halted in a security zone around Europe's biggest nuclear power station, located in Russian-controlled territory along the front.

"If the contents of this proposal (IAEA Director General Grossi's proposal) is to demilitarize the territory of the nuclear power plant... then we can support such a demilitarized protection zone," Zelenskiy said.

A long-awaited report by IAEA did not ascribe blame for damage to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which Russia and Ukraine each accuse the other of shelling. But it called the situation unsustainable and said unless the shooting stops there would be a risk of disaster.

The plant, seized by Russia shortly after its invasion, is controlled by Russian forces but run by Ukrainian technicians. It sits on a Russian-held bank of a huge reservoir, opposite Ukrainian positions across the water.