Zelenskiy: Russian fighters must leave Zaporizhzhia

STORY: The shelling drew condemnation from the International Atomic Energy Agency which said such attacks risked a major disaster, although the U.N. atomic watchdog later confirmed that there were no immediate nuclear safety or security concerns at the nuclear power plant after a team of its experts toured the site.

"The demilitarization of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is extremely important. Russia must withdraw all its fighters from there," Zelenskiy said, during his daily address on Monday.

Russia and Ukraine on Monday traded blame for at least a dozen explosions at the nuclear power station, which has been under Russian control since soon after Russia invaded the country on February 24 but is across the Dnipro river from areas controlled by Kyiv.

Zelenskiy also thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for "his readiness to support the protection of our energy objects."