Zelenskiy demands new Hague tribunal to try Putin

STORY: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called for the creation of a separate tribunal to try Vladimir Putin for his war in Ukraine.

Speaking in the Hague on Thursday (May 4), Zelenskiy said the Russian president must be brought to justice for a, quote, "crime of aggression."

"The aggressor must feel the full power of justice, only him. Yet this is our historical responsibility of the modern generation to make the total punishment for aggression inevitable, to prevent the aggression against our country, and also new wars. There are potential aggressors in the world and the world must see justice to see peace fully, fully secured."

Zelenskiy visited the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which has issued an arrest warrant for Putin for suspected deportation of children from Ukraine.

But the ICC does not have jurisdiction over crimes of aggression, defined by the United Nations as an "invasion or attack by armed forces on another state's territory or military occupation.

The European Commission, among others, supports creating a separate body in the Hague to investigate and prosecute alleged crimes of aggression in Ukraine.

Major legal and practical questions remain over how to legitimize such a court - whether by a group of countries or the U.N. General Assembly.

Russia is not a member of the ICC and rejects its jurisdiction.

It denies committing atrocities during what it calls a "special operation" to "demilitarize" its neighbor Ukraine.

"Of course, we all want to see different 'Vladimir' (Putin) here in The Hague, the one who deserves to be sentenced for these criminal actions, right here in the capital of the international law. I'm sure we will see that happen, when we win, and we will win."

Russia has stepped up attacks as Ukraine prepares for a counteroffensive to try to retake Russian-occupied land in the south and east.

On Thursday, Moscow said the United States was behind what it says was a drone attack on the Kremlin that aimed to kill Putin.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov, without providing evidence, said Ukraine carried out the alleged attack on U.S. orders in the early hours of Wednesday (May 3).

The White House's national security spokesman called the claim "ludicrous."