Zelenskiy blames Russia for Europe's gas crisis

STORY: A surge in gas prices as top exporter Russia cuts supplies has squeezed German utility company Uniper, prompting it to seek an extra 4 billion euros ($4 billion) in credit lines from Berlin, on top of a 15 billion euro bailout deal agreed last month.

How to respond to the crippling impact of soaring energy costs on business and households is top of the political agenda across the continent as autumn approaches.

"Russia uses economic terror," Zelenskiy said in a video address to an energy industry conference in the Norwegian city of Stavanger.

His comments come as Russia's Gazprom plans maintenance this week that will halt gas flows along the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that links Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea.

The outage has fueled fears that Russia is curbing supply to put pressure on Western nations opposed to its invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies that charge.