Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are making a slightly obvious 'discovery' about Hyrule's geography

 Tears of the Kingdom
Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have uncovered a detail that's fascinating to some, and painfully obvious to others.

Be warned: there are light spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom here!

If you've descended down underground in Tears of the Kingdom, you'll know there's a whole land to explore underneath Hyrule. Some players have correctly deduced that the topography of the underground regions is exactly the same as the overworld of Hyrule, but everything has been inverted.

Media Molecule principal designer Peter Field has gone an excellent job of demonstrating this on Twitter. Where there's a mountain in the Hyrule overworld, for example, there'll be a vast chasm in the exact same spot in the underground regions.

One telling point is that Shrines and Lightroots are in the exact same spots. The Zelda subreddit post just below unearths this information for others, revealing that where you'll find a Shrine in the Hyrule overworld, there'll be a Lightroot stretching down far underneath the ground in the depths.

This crucial information is taking some by complete surprise, and others are just plain stunned that it wasn't obvious to some in the first place. "Oh shit. Some areas make total sense now" one Reddit user writes, with another adding "Thank you for this... I had no idea! I've barely explored the depths yet. There's just so much to do."

They aren't wrong - there's a staggering amount to uncover and do in Tears of the Kingdom. We've now got the ground, the depths, and the skies above Hyrule to uncover, so it's no wonder some players haven't yet discovered the depths mirror the geography of the overworld.

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