Zelda Tears of the Kingdom patch 1.2.1 fixes an incredibly frustrating quest bug

 Bubbul Gems Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Bubbul Gems Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

A new patch for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now, and it fixes a bug preventing players from completing Koltin's quest.

This would be patch 1.2.1, and it tackles an issue associated with Koltin's quest, the shopkeeper who loves gobbling up as many Bubbel Gems as humanly possible. The bug occured when the player brought every single Bubbel Gem to Koltin as requested, but a cutscene wouldn't play out, stopping players from properly finishing the shopkeeper's mission.

We've got to admit, this sounds like a pretty heart-breaking bug. To trek all over Hyrule and collect every single Bubbel Gem for the beloved creature collector, only to show up to him and not be able to finish Koltin's quest probably broke some players out there.

Elsewhere, there's a fix for treasure chests vanishing as a result of attacks from a Flux Construct. Again, we can imagining this is another infuriating bug for some players to experience, as they see their hard-earned treasure chest yeeted into oblivion from a sentient bunch of boxes.

Finally, patch 1.2.1 for Tears of the Kingdom remedies an issue that cause the map screen to flicker when large amounts of stamps were put down. Considering that some of the most hardened, or most forgetful, Tears of the Kingdom players might have fallen afoul of this glitch, it's really a relief it's been remedied in the new patch.

As always, Nintendo has quietly made some other fixes to improve the "gameplay experience" in the latest Zelda game, but it sure isn't telling us what those fixes actually are. For all we know, Nintendo could've just patched out yet another duplication glitch.

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