Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Site Will Help You Make Those Wild Builds You're Seeing [Update]

Link in Tears of the Kingdom is sitting atop of a giant war vehicle, shooting guns at what appears to be an enemy camp.
Link in Tears of the Kingdom is sitting atop of a giant war vehicle, shooting guns at what appears to be an enemy camp.

Thanks to Link’s new skills in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, folks can build all kinds of contraptions to decimate monster camps and torture Koroks. But let’s be real: You kinda need an engineering degree to construct any number of the wild creations you’ve likely been seeing online—until now, that is, as there’s a website that helps you determine the required materials to craft these intricate designs.

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With a new Zelda game comes a new set of skills for Link, which transforms the way you interact with Hyrule Kingdom. Two specifically have caught the internet’s attention—Fuse and Ultrahand, abilities that let you build things like dicks, dicks, and, um, more dicks. But all of the possibilities can create a daunting fear of how to even get started.

Now, however, that intimidation can be (mostly) tempered with the help of Zeldabuilds.gg, a site that lets TotK fans upload their builds and list the materials needed to construct them so you, too, can wreak havoc in Hyrule Kingdom.

Building in TotK just got a little bit easier

Created by Daniel Luu, the CEO of the video game online trading marketplace (think Nookazon) and esports organization Akrew, Zeldabuilds.gg is a very simple repository. While the site doesn’t feature instructions on how to build anything, which would likely be a welcomed addition for folks who have a hard time putting objects together in TotK, it does appear to be regularly updated with new creations. At the time of this writing, there are 10 builds available to click through, including a giant mech, Korok cannon, and Twitter user idonum’s viral battle carriage.

In Twitter DMs with Kotaku, Luu said he created ZeldaBuilds.gg over a few days, explaining that the hardest part about the whole thing was getting the site in front of people. Within a few days, though, folks began to take notice of it.

“The site has been gaining a bit of popularity,” Luu said. “I posted it on Reddit and [have] been implementing suggestions from there. I’ll keep improving the site and hopefully more people will [check it out]!”

One way he hopes to get more eyes on the site is by bringing in new features. In one example of the many planned updates, Luu implemented the ability to add step-by-step build instructions with images to go along with them on May 16.

“I’m always taking suggestions from the community,” Luu said. “A few features on deck are adding your own YouTube video preview and a map of Zonai Dispeners and what devices you get from them.”

Of course, Luu is also playing Tears of the Kingdom right now. He’s “built some pretty basic creations,” like the first few on ZeldaBuilds.gg to get the site going, but he isn’t far enough in the game to have the good stuff yet. The real inspo for Luu making the site, though, is everyone else’s creativity.

“I love building games and the creativity they spark in people,” Luu said. “I wanted a central place where I could see everyone’s amazing creations and learn how they made them! It’s actually incredible how Nintendo was able to not only meet but far exceed everyone’s expectations. It’s pretty much all I’ve been playing in my free time.”

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I can imagine this site becoming a useful tool when traipsing through Hyrule Kingdom. There’s a lot the game doesn’t tell you, particularly when it comes to constructing things with Link’s new abilities. So, having something like Zeldabuilds.gg on the side will absolutely aid in the fight against hot Ganon.

Update 05/17/23, 1:15 p.m. ET: Added some comments from Luu.

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