New Zealander goes viral after opening note from friend he kept for 10 years

This man living in New Zealand has gone viral after opening a note handed to him by a friend 10 years ago. Rainer Antony-Richardson was passed a note from his friend over a decade ago which instructed him to open it at 11:29 on April 11, 2021. The footage shows Antony-Richardson finally opening the decade-old note which simply reads: "Wassup?" The filmer told Newsflare: "In either the 9th or 10th year of secondary school in New Zealand, ages 13 to 14, there was a running joke between the students where notes would be passed around in class stating variations of 'do not open until a future date.' "A close friend of mine decided to try it with me but I saw this and instead had the idea to not open it, at first as a sort of rebuttal to the suspected trick or insult waiting inside. "My friend was mildly annoyed that I did not open the note immediately. It wasn't long however before I became resolute in not opening the note until the exact date it specified, partly as a challenge to myself, and partly as I was very amused by the idea of taking this joke completely seriously. "I placed the note in a conveniently sized novelty treasure chest, where it would remain on my shelf for many years. But as the giver of the note and I remained strong friends, it would be brought up now and then, keeping the thought of it in my memory. "It was about a year or two ago that I realized the date on the note was coming up, so I made sure to write down reminders on my calendar. "Bringing up the note again to my friend, the idea quickly became exciting for the both of us, as he had long forgotten its contents, and we were both very interested to see a glimpse into our childhoods, despite how silly the message may be. Almost as if we were receiving a message from the past! "As it grew closer to the date, I considered early on the idea of sharing the story online. I'd spent a bit of time on Reddit, and thought the concept was funny and curious enough to receive a little attention. "To my surprise, it received up to 75,000 upvotes, with thousands lining up to see the note opened. "When the date arrived, I opened the note alongside the friend who gave it to me and shared a great laugh together over the simple message. Afterwards, I recorded a clip of myself opening the note for all those curious Redditors. "In the end, I found it greatly amusing that my childhood friend wrote a silly message a decade ago, thinking nothing of it, that it would be read by just me and tossed away, but instead was read by over a million different people from around the world." Antony-Richardson's video has gone viral receiving over 1 million views on YouTuber and over 140,000 upvotes on Reddit.