New Zealand Minister's Interview Crashed by Son Waving 'Deformed' Carrot

A video-call interview on Radio Samoa with New Zealand’s social development minister, Carmel Sepuloni, was interrupted on August 26 when Sepuloni’s son entered her room waving what Sepuloni said was “a deformed carrot shaped like a male body part.”

“I will never buy the odd shaped carrot pack again,” Sepuloni tweeted.

Sepuloni, a Labour Party MP for the Auckland suburb of Kelston, was discussing COVID-19 restrictions with Tavai Meni on Radio Samoa’s Breakfast Show when her son entered from the door behind her and held out the unusual carrot.

The video shows Sepuloni immediately bat the carrot downwards, out of the shot, as Meni breaks out laughing. Sepuloni grapples further her son, who is also laughing, before producers cut from Sepuloni’s camera feed to a placeholder screen bearing the show’s logo. The microphones continued recording, however, and the sound of laughter continues from both Meni and the Sepuloni household.

“I’m sorry, Tavai!” Sepuloni is heard telling Meni.

“That’s alright! That’s okay!” Meni replies, still laughing. “That’s what family is all about, minister!” he adds with another hearty chuckle.

The clip had been deleted from the interview before Radio Samoa published it on Facebook on August 26, but went viral on August 30 after Sepuloni posted it on Twitter. “Yes, we were almost wrestling over a carrot on camera, and yes, I’m laughing about it now but wasn’t at the time!” Sepuloni wrote. Credit: Radio Samoa/Carmel Sepuloni via Storyful

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