Zarina Anjoulie is now engaged to her Datuk Seri boyfriend

23 Jan - After revealing her new romance last month, Zarina Anjoulie recently shared that she and her new boyfriend Datuk Seri Khazrul Elzey are now engaged.

The social media influencer shared the good news on social media on 22 January with photos from her engagement ceremony, writing, "Praise be to God for today. Thank you so much for today. Loving my new family."

Fellow celebrities took to the comments to congratulate the "Anak Pontianak" actress, including Datuk Aznil Nawawi and Azza Elite, the latter who wrote, "Congrats, my sister. So happy for you."

She also posted a video from the ceremony on TikTok, writing, "Finally, you are half mine. Thank you, Allah, for everything."

Back in December last year, the actress, known to many as Anju, shared a photo of her having a meal with her son Martin and the businessman alongside his daughter, confirming that they are now together.

In another video, she joked about her son introducing them together, saying, "When Martin wants a daddy so he found himself a girlfriend with a single father, and that he matchmade his mum with her dad. Mission accomplished!"

The two single parents were matchmade by their kids!
The two single parents were matchmade by their kids!

(Photo Source: Zarina Anjoulie IG)