Zarina Anjoulie hires PR firm to handle legal threats

Ashraf Nasser
Zarina Anjoulie will not be intimidated by the artistes who have lodged a police report against her.

10 Apr – Controversial actress Zarina Anjoulie has hired a PR firm to handle the legal threats posed by a few local artistes who are dissatisfied with her.

The hiring of the Saiful Ridzuan Public Relations and Communications firm was announced in a press statement from the firm itself to Cinema Online.

According to Zarina, real name Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah Mohd Fahizul, she made the decision to hire the PR firm following a friend's suggestion.

"Saiful Ridzuan was highly recommended to me and I am confident that I am now in good hands as the firm is a leader in crisis PR, strategic communications and reputation management.

"I am a well-known entrepreneur and public figure in the country. It took me years to build my solid reputation and I will not stand still when some irresponsible parties are trying to ruin it," said Zarina in the statement.

She also thanked those out there who have supported her during this very challenging period for Malaysians.

Previously, Zarina became the hot topic of conversations after she criticised artistes who were asking for special aid from the government, when before this they often showed off their luxurious lifestyle on their respective Instagram accounts.

She also questioned the artistes' intention who claimed to be representing veteran artistes and crew members, when previously none of them have ever cared about veteran actors as well as the production crew.

Her statements ruffled these artistes' feathers and they have lodged a police report accusing her of spreading hate to the public via the video that she uploaded.

How will this crisis between Zarina and the artistes end? Let's wait for the latest update and see.

(Photo source: Zarina Anjoulie's Instagram)