Zarina Anjoulie admits to be in love again

28 Dec - Zarina Anjoulie recently admitted that she is indeed in a new relationship with a man known as Datuk Sri Khazrul Elzey.

The actress-turned-social media influencer, who sparked romance rumours after sharing several photos of her and son Martin with the said man and his daughter, stated that she didn't want to make public her plans regarding her personal life.

"I don't want to share too much. What if it didn't end up the way I hoped? But of course, anybody in a relationship would want to be married. If it happens, it happens," she said.

However, Anju stated that her relationship is going well for the time being and that she has already met with her boyfriend's children.

In a recent video, Anju stated that it was her son Martin who introduced her to her new partner, jokingly writing, "When Martin wants a daddy so he found himself a girlfriend with a single father, and that he matchmade his mum with her dad. Mission accomplished!"

Anju and son Martin with her new man and his daughter
Anju and son Martin with her new man and his daughter

(Photo Source: Zarina Anjoulie IG)