Zaporizhzhya teacher sentenced for espionage on Russia’s behalf — SBU

The teacher tried to monitor the AFU units with binoculars
The teacher tried to monitor the AFU units with binoculars

A teacher at a vocational school in Zaporizhzhya was convicted of spying on Ukrainian troops for Russian intelligence services, Ukraine’s SBU security service reported on March 21.

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The individual, identified as an informant for Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), received a nine-year prison sentence.

The SBU said that the man, a staff member at a local vocational school, had established an "observation post" at his cottage, situated near the frontline in southern Ukraine.

Using binoculars and taking bicycle reconnaissance trips, he monitored the movements of Ukrainian units and reported those observations back to Russian operatives.

The SBU apprehended the informant in July 2023 during one of his intelligence-gathering trips.

The investigation established that spy was communicating with Russian intelligence via a handler—a pro-Kremlin blogger operating in occupied Ukrainian territory, working for the FSB. This handler recruited the teacher after noticing anti-Ukrainian comments he posted on social media.

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