Zanilia Zhao's hater released public apology

9 Dec – A social media platform user had to release a public apology to actress Zanilia Zhao, after failing to prove that they didn't post defamatory remarks against the actress.

As reported on Sina, on 6 December, the unnamed person published their apology on the newspaper, writing, "Due to lack of awareness against legal ramifications, I have published many insulting and purely false statements against Ms. Zhao Liying, which have had an extremely bad impact on Ms. Zhao Liying's reputation and have also caused great harm to her. The court ruled that the right of reputation of Ms. Zhao Liying was violated."

"I deeply regret my actions and hope to be forgiven by Ms. Zhao Liying. I would like to express my sincere apology to Ms. Zhao Liying by publishing in the newspaper, and promise not to publish any content that infringes Ms. Zhao Liying's right of reputation in any way," the statement added.

Prior to the apology, the defendant argued that they didn't write the post, and that someone had stolen their social media account for malicious intent.

However, the court held that the evidence submitted by the defendant was not sufficient to prove that the post was not published by them.

The defendant was then ordered to apologise to Zanilia in writing and to compensate the actress for her economic loss and mental anguish.

The actress currently stars in 'Wild Bloom'
The actress currently stars in 'Wild Bloom'

(Photo Source: SINA)