Zanilia Zhao denies deliberately gaining weight for series

19 Sep – While most actresses would be troubled by comments about their weight gain, Zanilia Zhao recently proved that she is not one to care too much about it.

The topic of her weight gain sparked recently, after the trailer of her new series, "Wild Bloom" was released on social media.

The ethereal beauty, known for her slim figure and elven small face, looked more grown in the trailer, with netizens noticing how much rounder and fuller her face is compared to the past.

The supposed weight gain sparked a discussion on social media, with many of her fans stating that Zanilia could have intentionally added more pounds to her weight, causing the topic "Zanilia Zhao gaining weight for her role" to trend on Weibo.

However, following the topic, the actress herself decided to go on social media and explained that she didn't deliberately do so, and that she just is heavier than before.

"I didn't gain weight on purpose, I got fat while filming as the role dictates!" she wrote, and then referred to her character in the series and added, "Come on, Boss Xu!"

Meanwhile her studio stated, "Feeling the character in the story, shaping the character, and becoming a part of the story, everything is natural. Looking forward to Wild Bloom."

The mother of one is not a girl-next-door in her new series
The mother of one is not a girl-next-door in her new series

(Photo Source: Zanilia Zhao Instagram, SINA)