Yu Zheng slams fans for questioning his projects for Xu Kai

6 Nov – Chinese producer Yu Zheng was not at all amused by the lack of excitement from Xu Kai's fans over news that the actor will be working alongside Bai Lu again in the new drama, "Imperial Cuisine".

As reported on Tencent, the producer, who is still enjoying the fame from the success of his 2018 drama, "The Story of Yanxi palace", previously released a statement on social media with much enthusiasm, telling fans and netizens alike that he will be producing a new drama that will rival that of Korea's hit series, "Jewel in the Palace" starring the two aforementioned actors.

However, a number of Xu's fans were not at all delighted over the news, especially since this would be the fifth time that the actor is paired with Bai, and the third time they will play each other's love interest following "The Legends" and "Arsenal Military Academy".

Some fans even commented that Xu has not been given diverse roles to showcase his true talent since signing with Yu - much to the producer's annoyance.

In response, Yu stated that he is not concerned at all about how the fans feel and that they should instead stop supporting Xu Kai if that's how they feel about his work.

"It's better that you don't watch any drama. Just buy a photo of the star that you like instead. How about you decide on the angles too. How about that?" he added.