YouTuber Demands a Replacement Cybertruck For His Completely Broken Down "Lemon"

Go Truck Yourself

After getting a "lemon" Cybertruck, an EV YouTuber is demanding a replacement — and says he has state law on his side.

In a frustrated post on the Elon Musk-owned X-formerly-Twitter, YouTube personality Lamar MK said that although he's had his Cybertruck for nearly two months, he's "only been able to drive it for about two weeks."

That's because the brutalist pickup has been taken in for maintenance on three separate occasions — where it's still currently trapped, he says.

"My truck wasn’t just plagued by one issue," the vlogger wrote. "It has had all the major issues."

Rizz Lemon

This isn't the first time the North Carolina-based YouTuber has taken to social media to complain about the "lemon" he received and to detail its many malfunctions. At the end of April, MK suggested in a video that his Cybertruck "dream" was morphing into a "nightmare" as he experienced the gamut of problems that others have reported: difficulty steering, flashing "weird error codes" on the car's internal screens, and a failure to charge.

In the same video and a prior X post, MK admitted he wasn't able to enjoy the car he'd spent $100,000 on, and pleaded with Tesla's multi-hyphenate CEO to send him a new one.

"Just give me a new truck, Elon Musk," the vlogger cajoled.

Fool Me Twice

Now, however, MK is through asking.

In his latest X post, the Carolinian Tesla stan pointed out that under the state's so-called "Lemon Law," he's entitled to either repair, reimbursement, or replacement. Because he's been in for multiple repairs already — and because he's holding out hope that a new one won't be as crappy as his current one — MK said he wants the latter.

As the vlogger claims, his Cybertruck has a vehicle identification number (VIN) suggesting that it was one of the first few thousand made, "so hopefully, a newer one coming off the production line has made the necessary fixes to address all these issues."

"I respectfully request an expedited replacement Cybertruck to be delivered to the Raleigh service center as soon as possible," MK said. "My patience can only go so far."

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