YouTube TV just upgraded its NFL Sunday Ticket package with a huge perk

 The NFL Sunday Ticket YouTube logo
The NFL Sunday Ticket YouTube logo

When YouTube TV acquired NFL Sunday Ticket, some probably wondered if it would be a good home for the package. We've just learned some pretty fantastic news for football fans that makes next season sound like a winner already.

In a tweet posted late yesterday (May 25th), YouTube TV announced that it was upgrading some of its NFL Sunday Ticket limitations. Now, you'll be able to watch all the simultaneous NFL live streams you want on multiple devices, provided that all are connected to the same household's internet connection. Between this and Netflix's password-sharing crackdown, it feels like there's a drinking game going on for every time someone says 'household.'

Specifically, the account noted subscribers will get "unlimited simultaneous streams at home for @NFL Sunday Ticket content, on both @YouTube TV and @YouTube." Both YouTube and YouTube TV are mentioned because the YouTube TV deal for NFL Sunday Ticket has it sold through both.

Previously, there was to be a 2-screens cap on Sunday Ticket, as a still-live support page details.

Essentially, you'll be able to watch practically every single day game at the same time, provided you have enough screens. Tom's Guide staff note that this should make Sunday Ticket an even bigger hit at neighborhood garages that have been turned into bars.

This news comes to drive subscribers before the June 6 cutoff date, when YouTube's $100 discount ends — as the service costs $349 if you buy it before then, or $449 if you buy it after the date. YouTube TV subscribers get an additional $100 discount, even if they sign up after the cut-off date. That makes YouTube TV definitely one of the best cable TV alternatives for NFL fans.

Analysis: Of course, there's a catch

Of course, this unlimited cap shrinks when you leave your house. In a follow-up tweet, YouTube TV explained that " you and your household will still have access to 2 additional streams." Without that limitation, people would likely be splitting Sunday Ticket accounts across multiple locations, just like Netflix.

Over on Reddit, YouTube TV added more details. If you buy RedZone with Sunday Ticket, your RedZone streams will not be counted when at home, but will be counted towards the two extra streams when you're off the network. If you buy RedZone through the Sports Plus add-on, you are "eligible for up to 3 concurrent streams of NFL RedZone no matter where you’re watching."

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