You're Not Alone in Your Election Anxiety

Savannah Walsh
·3-min read
Photo credit: Three Lions - Getty Images
Photo credit: Three Lions - Getty Images


There used to be comfort in knowing that Steve Kornacki's over-caffeinated projections and our frantic fascination with Miami-Dade County would only last one night. Dire vote-counting stress typically begins on November 3 and reaches some conclusion, for better or worse, by EOD. But that small sliver of ease has crumbled with the 2020 presidential election.

As of Wednesday afternoon, millions of votes in key battleground states including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada are still being counted. Kornacki has settled in with a dozen more espresso shots and it appears election night stress will be following us through the rest of the week. The ever-changing nature of the results is testing everyone's patience, including those who broadcast their anxiety on Twitter.

Scrolling through social media, everyone seems to be sharing their coping mechanisms. Monica Lewinsky confessed to purchasing a pack of cigarettes. Questlove began a perfectly timed Schitt's Creek binge-watch. And I've been feverishly switching between CNN and Hallmark Christmas programming. Jimmy Kimmel aptly summed up this waiting period last night, tweeting: "This is like being awake during your own surgery." No one was built for this chaos, but the anesthesia is wearing off and survival mode has kicked in.

Ahead, some tweets to make you feel less alone as the world faces an inevitable period of waiting, scrolling, and watching for Kornacki to blink.

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