'You're Gonna Make Me Cry': Students Surprise Professor in Final Zoom Class

A university professor in California was left in tears after he was surprised by students’ thank you message in their last zoom class this semester.

“Seriously, is it my fault to have your cameras off?” Chapman University professor Dr Jim Brown asked students in a zoom meeting, footage recorded by Lauren Herrle showed.

One of the students then says that the students wanted “to do something” and asks her classmates to turn the cameras on at the same time; it is then revealed that everyone is holding thank-you notes to Brown.

“Thank you for a great semester,” one of the notes reads.

“Oh, you guys, you’re gonna make me cry,” Brown says.

“Surprised the sweetest teacher on our last day of class,” Herrle wrote in the TikTok post that featured the video. Credit: Lauren Herrle via Storyful