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Your next household hack, straight from 'Shark Tank' — our favorites, from $10

These ingenious gadgets and gizmos on Amazon will save you time, energy and money.

'Shark Tank' products.
No wonder we're totally in the 'Tank' for these products — they'll solve all kinds of household problems. (Amazon)

Looking for some easy (but genius) ways to lighten the load this summer, but don't know where to start? Well, Shark Tank has blessed us with tons of ingenious inventions worth investing in — from a bug bite remedy to a little egg that cleans your clothes sans laundry detergent. Here's your guide to the highest-rated Shark Tank products available at Amazon, starting at just $10. With prices like these, you'll be hoping for an endless summer.

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These skinny spatulas get into those hard-to-reach corners in bottles and jars that regular spoons and knives can't reach. The doodads are 6 and 12 inches long and can snag every last drop of mustard or lotion.

"No more wasted lotion! Absolutely amazing idea and works on so many things!" wrote this frugal fan. "I used to cut the top of my lotion bottle off to get the last inch or so that wouldn't pump out, and it would dry out and get lumpy. This is the simplest but smartest little tool!"

$10 at Amazon

These small inflatable lanterns power up via solar power or USB. They can light up your space for 24 hours when they're fully charged. Bonus: They're collapsible, portable, waterproof and shatterproof.

"I bought two of these after camping with a friend who had one," shared a happy camper. "The solar panel easily recharges during the day and it lasts all night. And it is bright enough to illuminate my campsite or tent. I like the color-changing lights because I can use them on my paddleboard or kayak when paddling at night (red and green lights are required). It's super light and inflates easily."

$24 at Amazon

Made from silicone, Stasher storage bags are reusable pouches designed to replace disposable zip-top bags. Choose from five colors. 

"I never thought I would have an opinion on a baggie, but here we are," wrote a rave reviewer. "I have five of these, one for each day of the week. I make my husband a sandwich to take for lunch every day, and these baggies have made a world of difference. They hold up extremely well, they’re easy to wash and dry, and they keep his sandwiches extremely fresh!"

$10 at Amazon

This gadget is more or less a chain attached to a plastic flower that hangs from your shower drain into the pipe. It grabs hair that goes down the drain to prevent big clogs from forming. The best part: It's disposable.

"I was completely amazed! I know I lose hair in the shower, but this much?" shared one dis-tressed enthusiast. "I was recently getting ready to clean my shower and thought, Oh I should look again! I was shocked and disgusted by how much hair it got before it stuck in my drain!"

$13 at Amazon

How'd you like to clean your clothes without soap? That's right; no more sudsy overkill, no more soapy clothes that need an extra rinse cycle, no more weird chemical smell that pretends to be lavender or eucalyptus or the unspecified scent of a meadow. The Laundry Egg cleans up to 70 loads of dirty clothes — if you do laundry about four times per week, you'll only need to replace pellets every four months or so.

"I've been using the Eco Egg for the past few months and honestly it's the best clean laundry detergent I have ever tried, and I've tried a lot of them," wrote this smitten shopper. "It's so convenient to just dump that cute little thing into the machine and not have to deal with ordering, carrying around and measuring detergent. I use it for all types of loads and it works fantastically. I use it alone (no softeners/conditioners) or with some vinegar. Can't say I notice the scent on the actual laundry, so I'll opt for the unscented one next time — which is the other great thing — one pack of detergent refills should last me for more than a year. So far so good!"

$13 at Amazon

Hot weather is here, and that means bugs are on the attack. But don't spend the summer indoors — the No. 1 bestselling Bug Bite Thing sucks toxins and venom from their bites. Just place it on the bite and pull up the handle; when you feel the suction, hold it for 10 to 20 seconds before pushing it down to release it. No toxins = no itching or swelling!

"I got stung by a wasp tonight, and immediately my finger started swelling and throbbing," said this quick-thinking customer. "I ran it under cold water out of desperation, but it did nothing to relieve me. Suddenly I remembered this Bug Bite Thing! I gave it a shot. ... At first, it seemed like it did nothing and I was a bit disappointed, but one minute later I suddenly felt the pain lifting. My finger was still kinda swollen for another hour, but the pain completely disappeared!"

$10 at Amazon

One of the most popular Shark Tank products and a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, this gadget is made with squishy neoprene and fills the gap between your car seat and the center console to stop things like phones, french fries and coins from falling through.

"The last time I dropped my credit card between the seats I was in the drive-through at my pharmacy," reported a delighted customer. "I had to get out of the car and crawl onto the floorboard of the back seat, much to the laughter of my friends. I said, 'Never again' and ordered this product. These really work. I dropped something the other week and felt that dreaded feeling … but it was right by my side. What a great invention for a simple problem."

$20 at Amazon

We all love the convenience of a drive-through, but not so much the console clean-up afterward. Saucemoto's Sauce Holder takes the mess out of using ketchup, honey mustard and/or barbecue sauce on your fries or rings. It also comes in a two-pack so you and a friend can dip to your hearts' content. Also available in red and gray and a four-pack for the kids.

Nearly 18,000 fast-food lovers also adore this sauce holder. Said one: "Works great! Very helpful while traveling and eating on the run. After I bought this, I bought another set for my husband's car and my two daughters have bought them for their cars." And according to this intrepid fan: "These hold more than just sauce. They have become a coin holder as well as many other items I'm handed by grandkids. They don't fall out of the vents and are easily moved if need be."

$13 at Amazon

Whether it's paper or plastic, reusable or more, the Click & Carry helps you tote them all together. Carry your groceries, sports gear and even deal with unwieldy dry cleaning or prancing pooches with aplomb! Simply slide the handles into the Click & Carry holder, et voila! Instant grace. Comes in a 2-pack in multiple colors.

"Wonderful invention!" raved this user. "Being a single parent and living in an apartment that’s upstairs, I do not want to have to make multiple trips to get groceries in the house. This is easy to use, I can make one trip, it’s durable and the fact that I can put it on my shoulder to free up my hands is great!"

$22 at Amazon

This little unicorn hat goes over a BPA-free silicone cap that blocks the bananas from emitting ethylene gas that helps them ripen. The inventor of these adorable "hats" brought the idea to Shark Tank after he bought a bunch of bananas that turned brown overnight. 

"Amazing! Kept my bananas good for a whole six days! They never got overripe!" raved a five-star reviewer. "I usually buy them super green, and by the second day they are just right. Now I can buy them barely green and they are perfect the whole time!"

$10 at Amazon

You know how frustrating it is when your bed sheets get all tangled in the dryer and come out damp? Well, this genius invention solves that dilemma. You'll get two Wad-Free gizmos, which attach to the corners of fitted and flat sheets to keep everything else from getting trapped inside.

"Where have these been all my life?" pondered this linen launderer. "Like most people, my sheets end up in a wadded mess, both coming out of the washer and the dryer. I don't know how these work, but they are a miracle. Now I'm not running my sheets through two or more dryer cycles to get them dry, and they're not in a ball when they come out."

$19 at Amazon

If you're all about whipping up vats of sauces, soups and stews, this tray can help you make sense of what you're storing in the freezer. They're made with food-grade silicone and take care of the portioning for you — the niches come in ½-cup and 1-cup sizes. Just ladle your soup into the container, throw the lid on and put it in the freezer. When you're ready for a bowl of soup, pop a portion out like an ice cube and heat it up. 

"Absolutely obsessed with these," shared one five-star fan. "We've been doing a lot of meal prep with soupy foods and these have been incredible. Freeze it into blocks, then you can fit eight frozen blocks perfectly into a gallon Ziploc bag to save space. So far we've used these for butternut squash soup, lentil curry, Indian butter chicken and chicken broth. So nice having them in 1-cup bricks to easily defrost. They feel super high quality. I'm recommending these to everyone I know."

$30 at Amazon

These little strips couldn't be easier: All you do is rub them in your hands to heat up the wax, then press 'em on your lip and let her rip! 

"I found these magic wax strips and I have never looked back" raved a stache-free fan. "Easy to use. They get 99% of my hair lip removed as easy as 1-2-3. It is smooth and not even red. I don't even use the Aloe cream that is included because it is not necessary. I can't be happier with this product."

$10 at Amazon

This exercise accessory is a curved board that you stand on to twist, rock and balance. It promises to improve your balance while strengthening your core and thigh muscles.

"I originally purchased it because it looked like fun and I could use it while watching TV," reported a committed couch potato. "I needed to get moving more, although I walk my dogs every morning. I hate exercise. To my surprise, my overall balance improved. I did not have any issues before, but as I used my board more, I found walking and moving to be so much more easy. I am now 71 years old, and I use the Simply Fit Board to keep my mind active, my stress levels low, my balance as good as it can be. By strengthening my core, what little back issue I had has now completely gone away."

$30 at Amazon

Meet the "good cop" and "bad cop" of washing-up time. It hardens in cold water, making it tough enough to scrub away grime from pans and other caked-on surfaces. Run it under warm water, and it'll be gentle enough for porcelain and glass — and it won't scratch them, either. All it takes is a few seconds under the sink.

"The cleaning influencers are right; these sponges are fantastic," reported a happy reviewer. "Not only are they cute, but they are so effective. If you use cold water, the abrasive side stays stiff which is perfect for washing things that are really stuck onto pots/pans. However, they are not so rough that I am worried about scraping the finish on whatever I am cleaning. It's the perfect Goldilocks in-between. If you use hot water, the sponge becomes more malleable and you can better get into the nooks and crannies."

$14 at Amazon

These look like dryer sheets, but they contain laundry soap that's activated in the wash. Now you can ditch those giant jugs of detergent.

"I will never lug a heavy plastic detergent bottle again!" shared this erstwhile prince of Tide. "This product is wonderful. It not only cleans exceptionally well but dissolves instantly in water and leaves clothes smelling fresh with a light, clean scent. The big bonus is that it is so great for the environment. ... Just think of the convenience when traveling; no messy bottles that can accidentally spill or worse yet are tossed in the garbage after use to add to the growing problem of plastic pollution."

$17 at Amazon

Made for 10-inch skillets or pans, this silicone accessory catches grease spatter to prevent oily messes on the cooktop and counter. Unlike splatter screens, this guard grabs grease while still giving you access to the food you are cooking. 

"Wow, this is such a great product!" revealed a home chef. "I've used it three times since receiving it earlier this week and cannot get over how much kitchen cleanup time it's saved me. There's only the smallest possible amount of food mist on my cooktop."

$22 at Amazon

This special kitty litter is made with pH-sensitive crystals to help you monitor your cat's health. The litter changes color to show you things like hydration levels and changes in urinary tract health. It also has odor control, and it clumps for easy cleaning.  

"We bought this product and it works great," shared one of nearly 4,000 fans. "I have an older cat and she was meowing a lot lately (kitty dementia) but no other signs of anything. The litter indicated a problem, so we took her to the vet and it was confirmed."

$25 at Amazon

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