Young sea lions surround delighted swimmers for playtime

These swimmers in the Galapagos Islands were beyond thrilled when a a group of young sea lions showed up in the water and surrounded them for playtime and a curious inspection. The beaches and rocky shores in the Galapagos Islands are inhabited by sea lions. They are large animals that look and act so much like our lovable canine companions that they are often referred to as "sea dogs" or "ocean puppies". The older sea lions are not very interested in humans. They can actually be quite grumpy if they are approached too closely. Males are especially territorial, and weighing well over 150kg (300lbs), with a head larger than a family dog, they are formidable animals. But the juvenile sea lions are curious and fun loving creatures that will investigate anything interesting in the water. These sea lions suddenly surrounded a couple who were swimming. They were fascinated with the camera and with the pair of clumsy humans who tried to mimic their movements under water. As the couple dove and rolled, the sea lions came closer and it seemed like they wanted to engage in a game. The sea lions floated past on their backs and blew bubbles as if they wanted to teach the humans how to do the same. They arced and swam gracefully in circles around Kristy who was delighted to have such an interaction with wild sea lions. A trip to the Galapagos Islands will provide a close look at some of the most unique and diverse life on the planet. The sea lions are one of the most interesting of all of them.

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