Young Palestinians vlog about historical sites

These brothers are producing a video for their Facebook page

‘This is Palestine’

13-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN VLOGGER, ALI ZAMAREH: "Our page 'This is Palestine' has a lot of followers. We have around 6,000 followers, we made 13-14 videos about towns and villages people left from."

The project started during a school lesson in the village of Lifta

a place Palestinians left or were forced to flee during the 1948 war

9-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN VLOGGER, AHMED ZAMAREH: “During our visit, I filmed, we wrote the script and we added narration, then we posted it. It was a really nice video and people liked it, so we decided to do video about Jaffa and then we did many more videos."

The West Bank is scattered with holy sites

The boys hope to introduce these historical places

to children who are not able to visit

13-YEAR-OLD PALESTINIAN VLOGGER, ALI ZAMAREH: "All the cities and villages in our country are beautiful but we choose areas that are historical and unique, to attract people so they watch the video and get more information."

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