Young man hurriedly escapes 6-foot snake chasing a rat inside Indian shop

CTTV footage captures the moment a young man working inside a shop realises that there is a big snake that is about to drop on his head. He quickly runs outside to escape. Moments after the 14-year-old young man, named Kapil Verma, escapes, the snake is seen falling on the ground, and crawling rapidly to chase a rat. As the rodent manages to run away, the snake goes back on the counter and crawls on the cabinets. According to the shop owner, Verma is his brother-in-law. He claims that the snake was around 6-foot-long and that this was the first time such a large animal had been spotted inside his business. The clip was filmed in Raisen, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, on September 6.

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