Young Man Can't Contain His Joy Whenever He's Reunited With His Older Brother

A young man in Utah just can’t contain his joy whenever his older brother comes to visit from college.

Kimberly DowDell filmed her son Jack’s excited reaction on a couple of occasions, as he’s about to be reunited with his older brother, Luke, at home in South Jordan, Utah.

The video shows two moments of Jack’s elation: one when Luke surprises him in front of the house, and another when Jack discovers his brother’s car in the driveway upon waking up.

DowDell told Storyful that “life just isn’t the same without his big brother around, and every time Luke comes home, Jack is ecstatic to see him!” Credit: Kimberly DowDell via Storyful

Video transcript

- Is he here? Oh my God! Oh my God!

- Jack.


- Jack, here.

- Who is that?

- Oh my God! [INAUDIBLE]. Oh man!

- Hi, Jack.


- What?

- You're here!

- I am here.

- Come here.

- Come here?

- Come here.

- OK, I'm coming.

- Where were you?

- I was at school.

- You're done with school now?

- No, I still have more school.

- Are you done?

- I'm just home for today. [INAUDIBLE]

- What do you see out there? What do you see? What?

- Luke's back?

- Is that Luke's car? Well, where's Luke?

- There.

- Well, he's not in the car. Where could he be?

- Tired.

- He's tired? Should we go look in his room?

- Mm-hmm.

- OK, let's go.


- Love you.