Young Jordanian adds seeds to recycled paper

This young Jordanian is making greeting cards in a blender

They're made out of tiny bits of paper, water and seeds

Location: Amman, Jordan

which means her products can be planted after use

and grow to become parsley, mint or thyme

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FOUNDER OF A RECYCLING INITIATIVE IN JORDAN, ALAA JANABEK, SAYING:"My project entails reusing and recycling papers at home. First, I make environmentally-friendly notebooks which people can add and take papers out to modify their orders. These notebooks have reused papers. I recycle the papers I can't reuse. I put them in the blender, pour them in moulds and sometimes, I add seeds, tree leaves or rose petals so that I can make them look nice."

Janabek has sold more than 800 cards and notebooks

and demand is increasing

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FOUNDER OF A RECYCLING INITIATIVE IN JORDAN, ALAA JANABEK, SAYING:"The first benefit is that we reduce our paper usage, that way we reduce the paper waste that we produce. The second thing is that it raises awareness among people on how these papers are produced, where they end up, where they come from, especially when they personally plant it, they will feel and understand that these papers are coming from nature and will return to nature eventually."

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