Young Girl Ecstatic After Mom Surprises Her With Last-Minute Taylor Swift Tickets

A young girl had the time of her life at a Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 29, after her mom surprised her with last-minute tickets to the show.

Footage captured by Haley Pierce shows her daughter Addison’s ecstatic reaction to the news.

“Like everyone else, I struggled to get tickets from Ticketmaster. I tried to buy from an individual online and got scammed. So we cried and prayed and eventually [I] got the tickets the day before the show,” Pierce explained.

“I didn’t tell Addie until the morning of the concert. I asked her what she would like to do today and she was bummed but said “let’s just go to Cinnabon”. We stopped at the gas station and I gave her the surprise of her life! We had a blast and it was worth every single dime,” she said.

“Addison is the sweetest child with the purest heart and adores Taylor Swift. I’m so happy I was able to pull this off for her, and ecstatic to share the joy with others!” Credit: Haley Pierce via Storyful

Video transcript

- Mom. No, you're playing with me. This is a joke.

- Read the date.

- I'm reading it.

- [LAUGHING] We're going right now. I swear. Your bag's packed and everything. We're going right now. What do you think? I swear. We're going right now.

- Thank you.

- Can you believe it?

- Did you pack me a better outfit than this?

- I did. I got you a new outfit. I got glitter, I got friendship bracelets for you to make. I got nail polish for you to paint your nails.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome. Are you excited?

- Yeah.

- You get to see Tyler Swift tonight. Are you happy?

- Yeah.

- Me, too.