Young Boy Terrified as Hoverboard Explodes in Utah Home

A young boy escaped injury after running past an exploding hoverboard at his home in Lehi, Utah, on June 17.

Tamilisa Miner’s home security camera caught a dramatic video that shows her children rushing by a smoking hoverboard which then explodes.

Miner told a local media outlet that the young boy was thankfully not harmed. She said the hoverboard almost set the house on fire.

“Battery cells shot out like shrapnel starting smaller fires,” Miner wrote on a Facebook post. "Then the kids’ chair caught fire, the kitchen rug, and my panicked mind didn’t know when to stop and give up, or to keep fighting. "

She wrote that her husband rushed and helped to put out the flames using fire extinguishers.

“We are extremely grateful for our safety, great family and neighbors, insurance, our home, and the incredible timing”, Miner wrote in the post. Credit: Tamilisa Miner via Storyful

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