Young Basketball Fan Masters Egg Drop Challenge

An eight-year-old basketball buff in Augusta, Georgia, completed an impressive egg-themed challenge when he knocked a raw egg into a cup of water while dribbling two basketballs.

Jaclyn Vozniak filmed her son Zeke as he placed an egg on top of a toilet roll core and rested a paper plate on a plastic cup of water. The Augusta resident dribbled a basketball in each hand as he expertly knocked the roll and plate out from under the egg, causing the egg to fall into the water without breaking.

In the clip, Zeke explains how he wanted to combine science with basketball. The eight-year-old has made a name for himself with his trick shot videos. In one clip, he is seen landing a no-look triple bucket. Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

Video transcript

ZEKE VOZNIAK: I'm going to do the egg drop using two basketballs and hitting it with my foot. And I'm going to show you how to set it up in a science project.

So first we have a cup of water. Then we have a paper plate on top. And then we have a toilet paper roll-- just like a quarantine [INAUDIBLE]. And then we have an egg. It's raw, so don't break it.

So what I'm gonna try to do is I'm going to try to dribble two basketballs and hit it with my foot. That's what I'm gonna do. Y'all can just hit it with your hands if you want to. That's what I do. Start dribbling the balls.


So here's the science of it. So this was all supposed to go to here. And the egg is too heavy, because gravity is obviously pulling it down--


into the cup of water.

So here's two things I got started on. So I love science. It's like my favorite subject in school. And I also love basketball.


It's my favorite sport.


And my highest grade on science was 110. If you don't believe me, I can show you in a different video.

But-- so I came home from school. It was quarantine, Corona. I didn't like it. I know. Couldn't go off to places and stuff like that.

So I'm at home, and I was bored. Mom was cleaning the house, and I said to her, "Mom, I'm bored. Could we do some science experiments?" And she was, like, "Sure." And we looked up online and we found this, the egg drop.

There was one more science experiment, that was this egg-- you can have, like, a raw egg or anything. And then you could put salt just like anywhere on the table maybe. And then the egg would stand up.

See, like, it won't stand up right now. See, there's no salt. Nothing's gonna happen. But if you have salt, it's supposed to stand up.

And that's two science experiments I learned through quarantine.

And if you don't think this is raw--




It is.

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