Young activists demand more action at COP26

These young people people say they are marching for their future.

Thousands of campaigners took to the streets of Glasgow on Friday (November 5), urging for more decisive action from world leaders against climate change at the U.N. Climate Conference.

Inside the summit - known as COP26 - venue, civil society leaders were taking over discussions at the end of a week of government speeches and pledges, which included promises to phase out coal, slash emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane and reduce deforestation.

In spite of the promises, youth campaigners such as 15 year-old Mia Williamson have been skeptical about the political will among leaders.

"I believe there is some that maybe listen to us, that maybe want to help us but I believe that many world leaders here are here for the show of being here. I don’t think they actually care. I don’t think it affects them enough for them to care."

Campaigners say they have been underwhelmed by the commitments made so far, many of which are voluntary or with deadlines set for decades away.

Even COP26 President Alok Sharma has called on negotiators to step up the pace to ensure a successful outcome.

As the first week of talks draws to a close, young people say they will carry on fighting.

“We will have grown up and we will know nothing except for pollution, so I think there needs to be a revolution before anything happens.”

“The government has been sleeping on climate change and there needs to be a call for more radical measures.”

The COP26 summit is seeking to raise enough commitment from world leaders to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius - that's 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit - above pre-industrial levels.

That would require the world to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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