New York's 'Debt Gala' aims to tackle medical debt

STORY: Welcome to the first-ever ‘Debt Gala’

Locator: New York

Organizers say it’s inspired

by the more famous Met Gala

The Debt Gala aims to

raise money for medical debt relief

(Amanda Corday, Co-founder)

"We came up with the name 'The Debt Gala' because, at first, it was just a funny pun. // And I learned since planning this event that medical debt is the number one cause of debt among Americans. And we thought if the money from this event is going to go anywhere, it should go to people most in need.”

The sustainably focused red carpet

theme is ‘Garbage x Glamour’

(Drew Lausch, Host)

“I think I really do think that Met Gala is this weird event, where it's just like the mega-rich get to play dress up for, like, fun. And it really does... I love fashion and I think it's very cool to see looks and such, but it also does shine a light on the fact that America is a really, like, broken country."

All proceeds from the Debt Gala

go to the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt