New Yorkers shred '22 regrets in Times Square

STORY: Dozens of people lined up Wednesday (December 28) in New York's Times Square to throw out things they want to forget about from 2022, including but not limited to the deadly global pandemic that still haunts the world.

The annual "Good Riddance Day" in the crossroads of the world was being marked for the 16th annual year.

And as is customary, participants were encouraged to write down the year's unpleasant memories to be thrown away. In years' past, shredders and incinerators have been brought into the event for disposal of the slips of paper. But for this year, participants were asked to "trash" the message, and then "bash" a punching bag before running a "dash" through an obstacle course put in place.

"This year we wanted to have a little bit more of a positive spin on it," said actor, Jonathan Bennett, who once more hosted the event.

The annual "Good Riddance Day" comes as concern remains in place for a pandemic still seeing new variants which was evident among event participants.

But COVID-19 also made way for other top global concerns including the war in Ukraine, poverty and single-use plastics.

The Times Square Alliance, which promotes local businesses, has organized the event since 2007 near where the ball drops on New Year's Eve in the closing moments of Dec. 31.