New Yorkers Meet 2-Month-Old Grandson for First Time Following Lockdown

Two months have passed since Marty Gandelman watched via Zoom as his wife, Stephanie, gave birth to their baby boy, Jake. Cautious of COVID-19, the Gandelmans isolated with their newborn, but on June 7 he finally met his grandparents.

In footage of the inter-generational introduction, Stephanie Gandelman’s father opens the front door of their Forest Hills home to see his grandson cradled in his daughter’s arms. “Nice to meet you,” he says, after kissing Jake on the head.

As they make their way into the house, Jake’s grandmother and aunt receive them with tears.

Stephanie said they had “planned to come to Forest Hills as soon as Jake was born” but decided “quarantining in Jersey City would be the safer option.”

“One week ago, we got tested for Covid and when we tested negative we figured it was safe to take Jake to meet his grandparents and Auntie M for the first time,” she told Storyful, adding that “words cannot describe how much happiness we feel.”

Stephanie told Storyful previously that her journey to motherhood was not easy, undergoing IVF after having difficulty getting pregnant, and experiencing three miscarriages.

On the date Jake was delivered, no support person was allowed in the room during labor or afterward as a result of coronavirus-related restrictions. Consequently, her husband had to provide virtual support over Zoom — an experience she described as “surreal."

“Finally, we have our little bundle of joy during this troubling time,” she said. Credit: Stephanie Gandelman via Storyful