New Yorkers Flock to Brooklyn Army Terminal Following COVID-19 Vaccine 'Misinformation'

New Yorkers flocked to the Brooklyn Army Terminal on January 14 after a WhatsApp message claiming the facility had extra COVID-19 vaccines went viral.

This footage, shot by Stephen Lurie, shows people lined up for blocks. Others waited in cars.

The WhatsApp message said over 410 doses of the vaccine needed to be given out within four hours and promised the terminal would take any “walk ins” aged 18 and over.

New York City mayoral press secretary Bill Neidhardt swiftly took to Twitter to debunk the message, writing there was “NOT available vaccine for people without appointments.”

“This was misinformation and the notification did not come from the NYC gov,” Neidhardt wrote. “We are sending people to Brooklyn Army Terminal to ask people in line to return home if they don’t have appointments.” Credit: Stephen Lurie via Storyful