New Yorkers enjoy the biggest miniature exhibit

STORY: This exhibit of tiny things just opened its doors in New York

'Small is Beautiful' is the biggest international

exhibition dedicated to miniature art

according to the company running the event

(Nicole Kuhn, Fever)

"130 plus pieces of miniature artwork here by 32 artists across the world. And with each new city we come to, we like to create new pieces of art, especially from local artists. So here we bring five or six American artists, even one New York-based artist."

The miniature art forms on display range from sculpture to origami

(Dodie Scharf, Visitor)

“The artists able to create these tiny figures. It's amazing. See, it's amazing. Yes, I feel like a kid.”

The exhibit was initially created on social media

but drew tens of thousands of

in-person visitors in Paris and London

“Honestly, you cannot appreciate the miniature art just through the phone or through a photo. You have to see it in real life. The details, intricacies. That's why you need to immerse yourself in it. We offer people magnifying glasses and microscopes, and you can come and see this exhibit three times and see new things each time you come through.”