New Yorkers eat tech billionaires in popsicle form

STORY: New Yorkers can now ‘Eat the Rich’ in popsicle form

'Jeff Bezos'

'Elon Musk'

Location: New York

(Angelica Wilson, Customer)

"Tastes good. Little strawberry-y, creamy. Doesn't taste like over $100 billion, but it's good."

Brooklyn startup MSCHF is selling the treats

shaped like tech billionaires for $10

(Journalist asking off camera) "Is it in his likeness?

(Jeremy Klitzman, Customer) "I don't know. You tell me. I mean, as far as popsicles go, I'd say it looks like Elon Musk. It's not necessarily a self-portrait but it's pretty close."

‘’It taste actually pretty good.’’