The New Yorker reveals its most-liked cartoons of 2021 on Instagram

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As of the end of 2021, The New Yorker counted more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

Famous American magazine The New Yorker regularly shares its cult cartoons on Instagram. Whether satirical or simply humorous, these drawings are often a reflection of today's society. Spanning subjects from the pandemic to loneliness and relationships, The New Yorker has revealed its 25 most-liked cartoons of 2021 on Instagram.

The pandemic has been a source of great inspiration for The New Yorker's cartoonists. The famous American magazine recently reviewed its year on social media and, in particular, on Instagram, where it has more than 3.3 million followers. The magazine looked back on its famous cartoons -- most often drawn in black and white -- that were shared on the Meta-owned social network. According to The New Yorker, humor remains a particularly unifying force among internet users. As such, it turns out that the cartoon featuring a hot dog on the psychiatrist's couch, wishing that it could for once get called an "intelligent dog" instead, takes the top spot as the magazine's most-liked cartoon on Instagram in 2021. More than 417,000 users liked this drawing, published on Instagram on November 15, 2021.

Relationships between men and women are also widely represented, with a mansplaining cartoon in second place or "Powerful women scare me" in 19th place, liked by 174,258 internet users, including the actress Jennifer Aniston.

The pandemic, working from home and mental health were the topics most addressed by the American magazine's cartoonists, reflecting a complicated year, still marked by restrictions and by the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic. "Aw, look at all these photos of us wearing masks, back when we were all able to live aboveground," reads one of the cartoons. Disaster scenarios are also imagined, with a drawing of an invasion featuring two monsters devouring New Yorkers while declaring, "Of course you feel great. These things are loaded with antidepressants."

Sabrina Alili

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