Yes, 'Valorant' is being prototyped for consoles

The hot PC game of 2020 is being refactored for console platforms, contingent on Riot Games being able to deliver the same experience.

Will team action game "Valorant" arrive on home consoles?

That's still up in the air, but the game's Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, has said that exploratory work is currently underway.

"We are definitely prototyping that right now," she told GameSpot. "But there's a way to play this game and there's a way to experience this game that we're not entirely sure translates completely to console play."

"If we feel like we can deliver this experience on those platforms, we absolutely will, but we really want Valorant to stand for a certain type of gameplay and a certain type of experience," she explained.

The game's reputation is built on its ability to provide a strong level of competitive integrity, she said.

The implication is that differences in control method between mouse and keyboard-driven PCs and gamepad-oriented consoles could put the brakes on a "Valorant" console conversion.

Still, Riot Games isn't ruling it out, and Donlan noted that some members of the "Valorant" design team were highly motivated to beat the challenge.

A free download supported by optional microtransactions, "Valorant" launched for PC on June 2.