The Yemeni woman who creates art with one hand

The Yemeni artist overcoming her disabilities

This is 26-year-old Asia al-Dhabhabi

One side of her body is paralyzed

She has been creating art with only one hand

Location: Sanaa

and with the help of a charity

her work is now part of an exhibition

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) YEMENI ARTIST WITH HEMIPLEGIA, ASIA AL-DHABHANI, SAYING:"I studied up until high school, then I studied art remotely with Mr. Al-Mohamady and Mohamed Al-Hashidy. I also learned from YouTube, and worked with the Arab Foundation for Human Rights."

Asia has a number of disabilities

including dwarfism and hemiplegia

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ASIA AL-DHABHANI'S SISTER, KAWTHAR AMIN, SAYING:"Asia definitely faces challenges, like all those with disabilities in Yemen, financially and emotionally. To begin with, she hasn't received enough attention to be able to become a normal, active citizen in society. We in Yemen don't have a social responsibility towards the disabled."