Yemeni refugee starts NGO to help his peers

STORY: This Yemeni refugee is helping

refugees like himself

He left war-torn Yemen in 2017

"There is a crisis, a big crisis in Yemen, an economic crisis. The most basic services that one might need aren't available, simple things such as electricity, water, gas, petrol, these things that aren't available in Yemen.”

Location: Cairo, Egypt

He teaches refugees how to

prepare for the job market

They learn basic skills like

how to apply for jobs

[Ezzedine Mohsen, Refugee initiative founder:]

"I am designing awareness programs for refugees and migrants in Egypt and designing coursework including one on strategic planning for institutions or individuals, how to set goals, how to analyse the work environment, how to live with values and points of strength and (overcome) their weaknesses, and how to take advantage of opportunities and face challenges facing the community here."

Mohsen works in his free time

so he can pay for the classroom

His next step is securing jobs

for refugees enrolled in his program