Yemeni female archer eyes gold medal in Olympics

STORY: Location: Sanaa, Yemen

Atheer al-Husaini has her eye on winning gold for Yemen in the upcoming Olympics

The 17-year-old archer was spotted as a promising talent in 2021

when she won first place in the country’s archery tournament

[Atheer al-Husaini, Yemeni archer]

“This gold medal I won in my first local championship. This is the participation badge for the Sharjah championship, that was my first foreign participation. This is the certificate of first place winner in the local championship of female (archers), and this is the trophy of that first place win.”

Archery is a relatively a new sport in Yemen

with only four indoor target archery tournaments organized so far

Women are faced with numerous challenges in pursuing the sport

like a lack of equipment and training facilities

“Society’s view, for the most part, does not accept women’s participation in sports, but, thank God, family support plays a big role. I have acceptance from my family because they are athletes.”