Yemeni boy, ravaged by hunger, weighs 15lb

Paralyzed and severely malnourished, seven-year-old Faid Samim weighs just over 15 pounds.

He lies curled up on a hospital bed in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, having barely survived the journey there.

Rageh Mohammed is a doctor at the Al-Sabeen hospital.

"We received this case yesterday. He almost passed because it took them a long time to get here because of the roadblocks. He was almost gone when he arrived but thank God we were able to do what was necessary and he started improving. He is suffering from cerebral palsy and severe malnutrition. We admitted him to the malnutrition ward and even though he's still tired, he's much better than yesterday."

His family had to travel over 100 miles, through checkpoints and damaged roads, to get him there.

Unable to afford his medication or treatment, Faid's grandma says the family relies on donations to get him treated.

“The blockade is all around us and the war as well. We couldn't find cars to bring us here, no gas, no money. We are besieged from everywhere and these diseases kill. We have sick people and we can't treat them."

Famine has never been officially declared in Yemen, but a six-year war has left 80% of the population reliant on aid and the U.N. says it is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

Aid ramped up in late 2018 after the United Nations warned of impending famine, but now coronavirus restrictions, locusts, floods, and significant underfunding of the 2020 aid response are exacerbating hunger.

"These cases have increased in recent times with the war and the blockade. People's financial situation is dire and they aren't able to provide for their children, to the extent that their kids get sick and they can't save them, and sometimes it even gets worse than this. Then someone comes and helps them out with some money, only then can they bring their children to the hospital."