‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 8: Craziest Moments and Burning Questions, From Jimmy’s Return to Beth Hitting Jamie in the Head With a Rock

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 5, Episode 8 episode of “Yellowstone,” “A Knife and No Coin,” which premiered Sunday, Jan. 1 on Paramount Network.

Happy New Year! The last time we checked in with the Duttons, it was before Christmas and Jamie was plotting how to impeach his father. On this week’s mid-season finale — the last episode until summer! — we catch up with some old friends, plan assassinations and say goodbye to some Texas-bound cowboys. Dry your tears and chug some whiskey as you catch up with this week’s recap:

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  • Young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) seems pretty confident throwing his first person into the Dutton murder pit. I’d be sweating more!

  • Young John (Josh Lucas) discussing the branding with Young Rip, and the latter’s subsequent acceptance with his fellow cowboys, was heartwarming. After a youth spent wandering, Rip finally has a home and a family!

  • Oh, hello Jimmy (Jefferson White)! We’ve missed you!

  • Even though the 6666 turned Jimmy into a real cowboy, he’s still distracted enough by Emily (Kathryn Kelly) taking her top off to miss breakfast. At least he’s grown in his personal life too!

  • Emily definitely has the harder job having to sonogram horses vs. ride and rope them all day. Jimmy should make her dinner.

  • At least he’s making up for it with foot rubs. Could this be the healthiest relationship on “Yellowstone”?

  • Big laugh at John (Kevin Costner) coming to Monica (Kelsey Asbille) directly to see if Kayce (Luke Grimes) can run the farm. Smart man!

  • Wow, John hugging Kayce and telling him, “I love you, son?” That’s ominous.

  • I’m obsessed with all of the rough-and-tumble companies that run ads during “Yellowstone”: Tractor Supply Co., Ariat, Filson, Tecovas. They make me feel like such a rugged outdoorsman that, sure, I will buy a ticket to the upcoming Gerard Butler action movie, simply titled “Plane.”

  • Jamie (Wes Bentley) has perfected his devastating smirk. You are such a twerp, Jamie!

  • This is some great crosscutting between two Dutton men giving speeches.

  • John’s last word to the press before leaving was a surprisingly rousing.

  • John teaching Clara (Lilli Kay) how to fight with “menace”…excited to see how this mentorship plays out!

  • I guess Beth (Kelly Reilly) doesn’t like Summer (Piper Perabo) anymore? It’s hard to keep up…

  • “Where’s your dad live? I’ll go fuck him.” Bless you, Beth.

  • Beth’s wild eyes make me nervous…what will she do to Jamie?!?

  • Wow, Teeter (Jennifer Landon) also said “I love you” to Colby (Denim Richards) this episoe. So many emotions!

  • How is Jamie at all surprised that Beth would show up in the middle of the night and do something crazy?

  • Ouch! That rock to the head would give Jamie brain damage, right? I know it’s a TV show, but yikes!

  • Wait…Beth didn’t know that the Train Station was a communal body pit? It seems like everyone involved with the ranch knew!

  • “Future generations, of which you have none…” Ouch, Jamie! Too low!

  • Ugh Sarah (Dawn Olivieri), just stay upstairs! Jamie just about had the upper hand with Beth, and you took it from him.

  • Beth, you can’t kill Jamie and dump him in the Train Station. You’d be at the top of the suspect list.

  • Oh, but now Jamie is going to try to kill Beth? Can these two siblings ever get along?

See you again this summer!

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