Yellowstone Recap: Suicide Watch — Plus, the Series’ Most Brutal Scene Ever

Ya had to wish CBS’ censors the best of luck with Sunday’s Yellowstone. Inarguably, the most brutal, most expletive-laden scene in the series’ history went down in “Resurrection Day.”

Yellowstone changes for cbs
Yellowstone changes for cbs

Yellowstone: Every [Bleeping] Change We Should Expect From Its ‘Move’ to CBS This Fall

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After Malcolm stopped by Schwartz & Meyer in hopes of intimidating Beth — fat chance — he sent two henchmen to her office after hours. Beth put up a hell of a fight, even killing one of her attackers with a letter opener. But the other… he not only murdered her assistant Jason, he beat her to a pulp and was just about to kill her, too, when Rip rode to the rescue.

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yellowstone return date final episodes season 5
yellowstone return date final episodes season 5

Only a day earlier, Beth had kept her childhood sweetheart from dropping the L word on her. “It doesn’t mean anything on a roof under the stars like a bunch of hippies,” she said. “Tell me when it saves me.” Now that he had, in fact, saved her, he admitted outright what we already knew: He loved her. And, it was obvious, the feeling was mutual.

‘IT CANNOT BE FIXED… I CANNOT BE FIXED!’ | In other developments, Beth encouraged Jamie to commit suicide. He was about to take her advice, too, when John intervened. “This isn’t losing your life,” he said. “This is quitting it.” Not sure shaming Jamie in that moment was the most compassionate approach, but eh, what do we expect from the Father of the Year at this point? Once John had disarmed Jamie, he banished him to the bunkhouse.

Meanwhile, Rainwater received a message from the Becks in the form of his best casino dealer’s murder. Monica reunited with Kayce and even moved onto the Yellowstone with her husband and Tate, the proud new owner of a horse named Lucky. But storm clouds were gathering overhead. Kayce kept his wife in the dark about what had happened to Beth (and his part in covering it up) and hardly seemed surprised when Dad said that his plan for the Becks was simply to kill ’em.

Your thoughts on “Resurrection Day”? Amazing performances by Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley, no?

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