The year's top climate change solutions

STORY: Innovative climate change solutions we saw in 2022

1. These divers tried to restore Cuba’s coral reefs

by replanting bits of broken coral on these nursery trees

Location: Matanzas, Cuba

(Luis Muino, Leader of Ecovalor restoration project)

"There are ten artisan coral nursery ‘trees’ each holding 40 to 50 coral pieces totaling almost 400 fragments being taken care of in the nursery. In a year that could signify a barrier reef of 60 to 80 meters in length completely made out of repopulated staghorn coral specifically."

2. These fields in California were turned into massive ponds

Location: Huron, California

to store flood water in wet years and

recharge parched land during dry years

(Sarah Woolf, President of water consultant group ‘Water Wise’)

"We've been reliant very heavily on our groundwater system and that's getting taxed extremely through these very dry periods. And so another reason we really want to invest in recharging when there's excess, so that we can get through these dry periods."

3. This Tunisian man recycled mine waste into bricks

Location: Bizerte, Tunisia

Abdelmalek Ghannem says they’re made from

compressed soil originating from closed mines

which retain heat and can

save up to 50% of building costs

4. Santiago’s Mapocho River went from being a

contaminated eyesore to a thriving urban wetland

Location: Santiago, Chile

After a decade-long effort between

governments and local communities

the river now acts as a ‘carbon sink’

and helps control invasive species

5. Eviation debuted ‘Alice’ the all-electric aircraft

Location: Moses Lake, Washington

(Gregory Davis, Eviation President and CEO)

‘’We were able to witness history in the making. The flight lasted for 8 minutes. We flew 3,500 feet in altitude and we were able to complete our test plan exactly as we intended to."

Eviation says the aircraft

produces no carbon emissions

and significantly reduces noise and costs